Resurrection Lutheran

At Resurrection Lutheran Kindergarten we believe that integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) into everyday learning is vital to Early Childhood Education. We want to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills that will enable children to function more fully in today’s world.

Our Common Core curriculum combined with STEAM Specialization provides a learning approach that is project based. Using hands on activities that engage both the left and right side of the brain, we provide opportunities for trial and error, encouraging risk taking without the fear of failure. Our small class size allows us to set the stage for children to reach their highest potential while exploring many different areas of learning.

Why choose Resurrection’s Kindergarten?

  • We offer Christian Education emphasizing strong Core Values!
  • Our curriculum combines Active/Kinesthetic learning strategies with FUN!
  • We enroll only 15 students in our class ensuring that individual needs are met!
  • Scholarships are available! Through the AZ State Tax Credit program, ALL children who have attended Resurrection’s Kindergarten in the past 5 years have received scholarship funding.