Resurrection Lutheran

Mission Statement

Providing a nurturing, quality Christian environment conducive to the developmentally appropriate growth of the whole child.


Philosophy of Education

At Resurrection Lutheran Child Development Center we embrace the view that each child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of social, emotional physical and intellectual development. We believe that faith formation begins at birth and that as Christian Educators it is our job to nurture spiritual development through instruction but more importantly by example. We strive to be the face of Christ in every conversation and interaction with both children and adults.

Our center offers a “hands on” approach to learning. This style of early childhood education is designed to foster creativity and expanded self-expression. RLCDC staff manifests their respect for children by encouraging them to think for themselves, make decisions, work toward their own solutions, and express their own ideas and feelings. We believe education must be relevant, meaningful and fun. It must inspire the natural curiosity in a child. Learning is accomplished by providing a safe environment that challenges each child to explore their world through play.


We believe that play is the essential work of childhood, worthy of respect and encouragement. Play is an important part of our curriculum. In some cases Play is the curriculum. Play is the way children process what they perceive. It is how children discover for themselves what we cannot teach them. We will spend our days building up, knocking down, making things happen. We will explore, pretend, create, ask why and find out! Our space will be filled with playthings that encourage discovery play and enhance the development of sensory awareness, fine motor skills, creative thinking and self concepts.


We will do and provide these things recognizing that we are all children of God; worthy of respect, love and grace.



We are proud to be part of the mission of Resurrection Lutheran Church. More information on the church can be found here.



Resurrection Lutheran Child Development Center is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.